New Report Reveals Less than 2% of El Salvador’s Population Holds Crypto

New Report Reveals Less than 2% of El Salvador’s Population Holds Crypto

As indicated by a recent study, despite the persistent pro-crypto initiatives within the country, El Salvador’s embrace of cryptocurrency appears to be less enthusiastic than anticipated. Despite the government’s ongoing endeavors to encourage extensive cryptocurrency usage in El Salvador, a new CoinGecko report underscored the restricted count of cryptocurrency holders in the nation.

The report emphasizes that El Salvador remains unique globally as the sole nation officially embracing cryptocurrency as a legitimate means of transaction. Nonetheless, only a minor proportion of its citizens presently possess Bitcoin holdings.

“Even with these encouraging measures, a limited number of individuals in El Salvador are engaging with Bitcoin.”

Triple-A’s Report

Triple-A’s information reveals that around 109,175 individuals in El Salvador possess Bitcoin. In a country with 6.36 million people, approximately 1.72% of the population owns Bitcoin. El Salvador holds the 55th spot in the global crypto adoption index. Nevertheless, some countries, despite banning crypto, are encountering quicker growth rates.

Even with the prohibition on cryptocurrencies in China, a more significant proportion of its residents supposedly possess digital assets. As per the report, approximately 4.08% of China’s overall population, equivalent to 58 million individuals, presently holds cryptocurrency.

Subsequent to the announcement by Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele revealing that the country’s combined Bitcoin investments have achieved a sum of $131 million, The data as of December 4 indicated a net profit of $3.6 million, resulting in an overall gain of 2.84%.

Government Endeavors to Make Bitcoin Legal Money

The leadership of El Salvador has openly expressed its endorsement of cryptocurrency, with President Nayib Bukele declaring in June 2021 the country’s decision to embrace Bitcoin as an officially recognized form of currency.

By September 2021, the legislative body of El Salvador, known as the Congress, approved the Bitcoin Law, officially acknowledging Bitcoin as an accepted form of currency within the nation’s borders.

The legislation also required businesses to acknowledge Bitcoin as a valid method of payment for products and services. Additionally, the government committed to establishing the essential infrastructure to support the use of Bitcoin.

Furthermore, the Citizenship-by-Investment Initiative in El Salvador extends a unique opportunity for investors seeking citizenship. By making investments in the local economy, individuals can not only contribute to the country’s economic development but also become eligible for citizenship through this distinctive initiative.

This expansion highlights El Salvador’s innovative approach to fostering economic growth by encouraging investment in the burgeoning cryptocurrency market, creating new avenues for individuals to participate in the country’s development while incorporating digital assets into the fabric of its citizenship initiatives.

In the face of various challenges, the El Salvador government persists in its dedication to advancing Bitcoin adoption, implementing several initiatives to foster its widespread use. The fact that not many people own cryptocurrency in El Salvador highlights the difficulty of getting people to use digital money in a place where most transactions are in cash.

Financial Inclusion in El Salvador

Despite these obstacles, the government’s proactive steps to endorse Bitcoin as everyday money highlight its unwavering commitment to enhancing financial inclusion and modernizing the nation’s economic landscape.

This commitment is evident through ongoing efforts to integrate cryptocurrency into daily transactions, a significant move toward aligning El Salvador with the evolving trends in the global financial sphere.

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